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Celebration of Sacred Spaces

Friday Orange 4/12

It's a Celebration of a Sacred Space filled with Orchestral music and art. As part of this CSO event, we are requesting the community and the musicians to explore the theme 'Nature and the Sacred'. This is a chance for artful intentions imprinting on Musical Score flags just like the Printed Prayer Flags Buddhist monks create. The project uses materials like art markers and stencils, stamps and stamp pads. This creative process allows us to make new discoveries about ourselves, our world and the Cincinnati Symphony. This event is about Celebration of Music, Performance Art, Sacred Spaces and Visual Art. No experience required.

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The Dinner Table 9/22

Your senses will be treated to a gastronomic odyssey of gourmet Indian cuisine, tantalizing visual experiences and heartfelt storytelling. We are striving for an artful experience in as many ways as the senses can allow. Chef Yajan Upadhyaya of Mantra and Cumin will be the Master cook, Radha will officiate with artful guidance. Bring your discerning taste buds and a thirst to connect. Discover for yourself just how nourishing storytelling can be.

This special event will offer a seat at a communal dining table for up to 40. $75

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Prayer Flag Printmaking

Create your personal Painted Prayer flags just like the Buddhist monks create, by using pre-made screens and stencils, permanent markers and textile paints. This creative process allows us to make new discoveries about ourselves and our world. These flags are personal, cross-cultural and cross spiritual boundaries and share positive, creative energy with others and your environment. Place an intention and let the spirit flow. No experience required.

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Traditional Southern Indian Cooking

Southern Indian Dishes Served on a Banana Leaf.

Cooking Classes now being offered. South Indian cooking is known for inventive vegetarian or vegan cuisine that is light, fresh and tasty with lots of fresh veggies & herbs, lemon, lime, coconut and fried spices. The menu is made up of family recipes passed down from her grandmother and mother from Kerala and Chennai, India. Class size is limited.

In her classes wither its introduction or advanced, she will guide you with clear instructions along to Indian spices to ensure that even novice cooks can produce delicious, authentic meals. Basic, Intermediate and advanced classes offered, Gift Cards available. Read More

Yoga Mat Painting

Painted Yoga Mat

Radha has combined ancient traditional ritual patterns and symbols in her art throughout her career as a professional artist. She has been painting on yoga mats for many years and offers this mindful work to yoga practitioners as way to extend their sacred space on the ground they practice on.

Radha infuses Sacredness, using ancient ritual patterns called 'kolam' or 'painted prayers' from the South of India on your yoga mats. These 'painted prayers' have been passed down from mother to daughter for over two thousand years. Other symbols she uses comes from her lifetime of experiences growing up in India, listening to the stories from her Ancestors, the culture and its Sacred traditions. Read More

Mandala Inspired Workshops

Mandala Image

Utsavastu offers creative Mandala workshops for groups, teachers and professionals. Creating a Mandala is a sacred process that entails a shared understanding of multiple realities within the Mandala and how role-taking in creating a mandala brings us into harmony with the wholeness of existence, centering and team building.

Through this rich traditional art form, a story forms, then share your story and just watch how that influence works on everyone involved. Creating ephemeral mandalas or on paper, using symbols from nature, is delightful, beautiful, healing, therapeutic, centering, educates and brings communities together as we revisit that place of peace within. The Mandala has a long history and is recognized for its deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness. Read More

Other Products/Service Offerings

Utasvastu is an Online Sales Channel For Radha Lakshmi. Products vary from items of functional design to Fine Art. Of course, all these items can be purchased offline. You can call Radha for details. You can also visit her Fine Art Website for more information and works
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