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Here at Utsavatsu.com, we judge our success by the successes of our customers. We always enjoy hearing from those who have experience with us. We believe it's important that every one of our customers is completely happy with their experience, whether it is new Yoga Mat, a major event or cooking class. The testimonials of our customers speak for themselves, and we value each and every comment we receive. Whether you have questions about our products or you have an idea regarding offerings and merchandise, we want to hear from you! Give Utsavatsu.com a call and find out how we can help you get the best value!

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Their Experiences in Their Words

Southern Indian Vegetarian Cooking Class by Adam Kresseler (05-14-2016)

Outstanding Awesomeness
Thank you for sharing your time with us on Saturday, what a wonderful experience. Each time I retold the story of my weekend I could feel my mouth beginning to water as I spoke about the wonderful flavors you brought to life in each dish. I can’t wait try the recipes myself and I look forward to the journey as I start to explore the food of Southern India and share them with my daughters.

Cooking Class 3/16 by Coco & Saylan Lukas (04-20-2016)

Outstanding Awesomeness
We had a delightful evening of learning how to cook amazing Indian dishes. Radha's joyful spirit, creative mind and passionate heart are reflected throughout every aspect of the class. We left with happily full bellies and the new knowledge needed to recreate Indian dishes on our own. Thank you Radha for providing such a welcoming environment to heighten our understanding of Indian cuisine and broaden our palate! We look forward to our next class with you!

Southern Indian Vegetarian Cooking Class by Barbara Henshaw (04-20-2016)

Outstanding Awesomeness
So fun!
Thank you for another lovely dinner experience.

Southern Indian Vegetarian Cooking Class by Saylan Lukas (03-19-2016)

Outstanding Awesomeness
I truly enjoyed learning how to cook Indian food from you. The supporting information you provided will help me feel more confident when I try to recreate what you taught me. I love learning from you because you are so passionate about what you are teaching! It was a fun night meeting new people and learning how to blend new flavors. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Cooking Class 2/10 by Ron Weeks (02-15-2016)

Outstanding Awesomeness
I very much enjoyed the intimate informal style of the class. Learning the stories behind the dishes and your history was nearly as worthwhile as the actual cooking part. Your ad hoc tips and optional touches was fun and added extra value. The meal was wonderful; the tastes oh so good. The best I’ve ever had; especially the lentils. Can’t think of how to make the whole experience any better.

Cooking Class 1/13 by Andrea Knarr (02-13-2016)

Outstanding Awesomeness
We had a wonderful time! I can still taste the delicious food you made.
We will try the recipes and let you know how we do.
Love your new home!
Big hugs,

Cooking Class 2/10 by Todd Lang (02-10-2016)

Outstanding Awesomeness
thank you for sending this, it was a wonderful evening. You were very gracious and we very much appreciated, not only your hospitality, but sharing the stories of your childhood, cooking memories and your journey from there to here.

And, it's so nice to meet my new neighbors!

Cooking Class by Christian E. Gausvik Jr. (01-23-2016)

Outstanding Awesomeness

I just finished writing a longer thank you letter that I will drop in the mail, but again thank you for the hospitality, the stories, the laughter, and most of all for welcoming us into your positive sacred space. It felt like all the weight of the daily life stresses were lifted off last night as we all cooked, shared and talked together. It was such an incredible experience and I hope it was the beginning of a long long friendship. You are just the type of positive, grounded and wonderful person that anyone should hope to count as a friend.

Cooking Class by Gay Glasscot (01-23-2016)

Outstanding Awesomeness
This Evening was so much more than an amazing Indian cooking class by Radha Lakshmi; it was about connection, discovery, warmth , old and new friendships. Priceless.

Cooking Class by Christian Gausvik (01-23-2016)

Outstanding Awesomeness
Finally sitting down together and sampling the feast Radha had prepared for us. Watching her prepare and cook was truly like the privilege of observing an artist in her element...magical!
An evening I will never forget. A chance meeting between our wedding officiant and this wonderful Indian chef, artist and teacher (Radha Lakshmi) led to us all at her beautiful home for an Indian cooking class, plenty of laughter, good stories and new connections. Turns out she did much of the art at Cincinnati Children's Hospital as well. What an adventure!

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