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Invitation to Make Ritual Art for a CSO's Friday Orange Event


Radha Lakshmi has been asked to create an art ritual in support of Friday Orange Series at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestral Performance on Friday, April 12th. As part of this event, you are invited to participate in a creative visual art experience as an intention setting ritual. We are requesting the community of Cincinnati to explore the theme ‘Nature and the Sacred‘ to help create artful intentions on prayer flags. Participants will be given different art materials, including stamps with ink pads, stencils, and markers. Your prayer flags will be installed in the lobby in a hub-and-spoke fashion, above a large ephemeral ritual mandala to be created in the center of the beautiful Music Hall lobby. This is a celebration of music performance art, visual art, and ritual art. We are inviting students, community stakeholders, and art lovers to gather around and give this performance unique energy of positive energy.


What is Friday Orange?

It is a recurring event, always on a Friday at the CSO, The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. It is an event meant to reimagine your experience attending the Orchestra. An experience where first-timers feel welcome, relaxed and like they are part of something vibrant.

Called Orange because the color is a hot, passionate color and a welcoming color — CSO wants even first-timers to feel welcome and excited to be spending their Friday night at the Music Hall.
Visit Friday Orange Web Page

Where can I buy Tickets for the event?

Go to this cincinnatisymphony.org webpage to buy tickets directly from the CSO. Only the Friday April 12th event will have the Ritual Art Mandalam making event.

What is this invitation?

This is not so much an invitation to attend the Friday Orange event as it is an invitation to help us create beautiful art. We will bring pre-printed musical scored prayer flags for mark making. Though the guidance of Radha Lakshmi, you will be presented the opportunity to place your intentions on the flags for that night. You will hear the music and learn about these composers, conductors, and musicians.

It is an invitation to participate in an artful workshop at your location with a duration of up to 1 hour. It crosses disciplines of music, culture, printmaking and ritual art forms. Need onsite prep time of 30 minutes. Clean up 30 minutes.

What Music is being performed?

The CSO has requested a visual interpretation of three musical pieces expressed as a subjective Ritual. The Orchestral compositions are:

  1. Carl Nielsen: Helios Overture

  2. Kalevi Aho: Sieidi

  3. Jean Sibelius: Symphony No. 5

Who is Conducting?

Head Shot of John Storgårds and Colin Currie

John Storgårds Conductor:Link to His Website

Guest Percussion Magician Colin Currie: Link to his Website.

Who is Carl Nielsen: Helios Overture?

Carl August Nielsen Born 9 June 1865 – 3 October 1931 was a Danish musician, conductor and violinist, widely recognized as his country's most prominent composer. Link to Wiki

Who is Kalevi Aho: Sieidi

Kalevi Ensio Aho born 9 March 1949 is a Finnish composer. Link to Wiki

Who is Jean Sibelius: Symphony No. 5

Jean Sibelius born 8 December 1865 – 20 September 1957, was a Finnish composer and violinist. Link to Wiki

Who is Radha Lakshmi?

Radha Lakshmi

Radha Lakshmi is an interdisciplinary artist whose contemporary works of art emerge from ephemeral Mandala/Kolam traditions from Southern India. These oral and artistic traditions have been passed down from mother to daughter for over two thousand years. Mandala, which means “circle” in Sanskrit, represents wholeness, an integrated view of the world and the universe. Making a Mandala is described as the process of mapping one’s inner world. 'Kolam,' a woman's ritual art of Southern India are threshold form, made up of geometric designs made of dots, circles connected with curved lines using rice flour and stencils. Kolam mandalas patterns can be simple to very detailed. It can take 5 minutes to 3 hours to create one design. There is spiritual significance in honoring a home’s threshold, which can be found in many different cultures. The mandalam (mandala + kolam) ritual threshold art has led Radha on a journey of storytelling, collaboration, creativity, and mindfulness. While on her path, Radha has quietly observed opportunities and synchronicities unfold. She believes there are many seen and unseen forces supporting her throughout this lifetime. Radha’s artwork is a manifestation from her intuition and Universal flow.

Radha received a Bachelors of Fine Art, magna cum laude, from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and a Masters of Fine Art, summa cum laude, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her creative expression is inspired by folklore traditions of Southern India, Aboriginal art of Australia’s Northern Territory and both traditional and contemporary printmaking. Radha has national and international teaching experience. She worked as an art consultant/faculty member at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore, India. Radha also was a Visiting Scholar at Rhode Island School of Design (Rhode Island), Darwin University (Australia), and College of Fine Arts, Sydney (Australia). Her artwork has won many awards and is in the museums and galleries collections throughout the world. Radha’s art also can be viewed locally in the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Proton Therapy Center and The Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute. She currently resides in Cincinnati where she facilitates Creating Sacred Spaces through Mandalam art workshops for local high schools, art organizations, and corporations like P&G.


Where is this being done?

First mark making on the flags will be at local community centers like Kennedy Heights Arts Center. Also planned are sessions with the Musicians and staff at music hall. The final installation will be in the Lobby area of Music Hall

How do I indicate my interest?

Contact: Radha Lakshmi at radartist@gmail.com or call her on 513.807.6604

What is a Mandalam?

It is a word to describe the combination of a Mandala Geometry made up of Kolams. Kolams are hand drawn symbols and geometry. Variations include screen stencils and block stencils. These are tools to speed up the Mandalam making by accommodating less skillful hands into a co-creative process. View Example Creation at Indiana University

Mandalam Creation

What Does the Musical Prayer Flag Look Like?

Here are a few prototype images. Since we have not yet started the workshops we can only show you samples. You can view the process photos of a previous flag making session at this link

Sample 1 Musical Score as a Prayer Flag Sample 2 Musical Score as a Prayer Flag Sample 3 Musical Score as a Prayer Flag Sample 4 Musical Score as a Prayer Flag Sample 5 Musical Score as a Prayer Flag Sample 5 Musical Score as a Prayer Flag

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