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While most Indian restaurants feature the cuisine of Northern India, Radha Lakshmi introduces you in her class how to prepare authentic South Indian traditional Vegetarian home recipes you will not find in any Indian restaurants in Cincinnati, OH. Vegetarian meals are the norm in the south, so much so that southern Indian cuisine is a vegetarian’s dream. Instead of the cream usually found in northern dishes, South India goes for coconut milk, seeds, popped spices, tomatoes, and various dals (lentils) used as enhancements, accompaniments. Theirs is also a style of eating that incorporates light meals and snacks, known as tiffins, throughout the day. The menu is made up of family recipes passed down from her grandmother and mother from Kerala and Chennai, India. She will lead you gently through clear instructions and introduction to Indian spices, her culture and stories to ensure that even novice cooks can produce delicious and authentic meals.

In the introduction class, she will introduce you to spices and herbs she uses in her cooking. How to make Ghee (clarified butter), fluffy rice, lentils, and vegetables with coconut milk and fresh coconut flakes. A few cooking tips to share that her grandmother and mother taught her. All dishes will be vegetarian or vegan. In the intermediate and advanced class, she will guide you on how to shop at the Indian grocery stores in Cincinnati, OH. Find some of the same ingredients at your local stores. Cook vegetables that you have never tried before. Bring your choice of alcohol drinks wine. Bring your passion for art and cooking. No experience needed.

Basic Classes

  • Introduction (Twice Monthly)
  • Intermediate (Once Monthly)
  • Advanced (Once Monthly)
  • Private by appointment only

Group Classes:

  • Celebrating a Life Event
  • Team Building Exercise
  • Just for Fun

Class Considerations:

Class size: 6 - 8 with six preferred. The class includes demonstration and active participation, observation, tasting the dishes in progress. We will have a sit-down dinner. Bring your wine. The classes will run 3 hours for the introduction, 4 to 5 hours for the advanced. Shopping at Indian Grocery is included in the Intermediate and Advanced Class. Clean up assistance is appreciated but not necessary. Menu for the Intermediate and Advanced classes is entirely customized, decided in consultation with you the participant and based on your actual needs, preferences, and seasonal vegetables.

Gift Certificate Considerations:

If you would like to give a gift certificate for a class please check out the gift certificates we offer. I will provided an elegantly designed printed certificate for your gift giving event. See this link to purchase tickets and gift certificates for southern Indian cooking classes..